Pre-Insulated & Traced Tubing

transporting steam and other fluids in the harshest environments

Pre-Insulated and/or Traced Tubing and Heated Hose products from Marmon IEI, are available to meet your requirements and specifications using the vast offerings of tubing and heat trace options available in the market today. Our products offer pre-engineered, predictable, and repeatable solutions to transporting steam and other fluids in industrial applications. This includes the insulation and protective covering to encompass the tube/s, heater, and any auxiliary components. Our products are designed to provide many benefits, including mechanical and corrosion protection, personnel protection, and insulation to the internal components. As the inventor of pre-insulated tubing, we know and understand the products, markets, and your requirements and offer a full line of component options from tubing, heater, insulation, and outer polymer jacket options. As installations and routings vary, so do our product offerings from rigid, flexible, and corrugated choices. 

Pre-Insulated and Heat Traced Cabled tubing can be used in a variety of applications, including the supply of steam to process vessels, and returning spent condensate to the boiler, protecting process equipment from freezing, supplying control signals to process instruments, maintaining fluid temperatures to reduce viscosity, and maintaining sample integrity in process control or Continuous Emissions Monitoring applications. The cabled construction allows bends in multiple planes without tubing separation or requiring the bundle to be twisted. 

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