Fire Safety

products engineered for circuit integrity

One of the most important things in any industry is planning for fire safety — safety for employees, customers and the general public. Yet, fire safety also has to be considered if an emergency situation or disaster happens.  In these particular instances, the potential for fire and other hazardous situations is always a possibility, even though engineers take every precaution to prevent such occurrences. Being prepared for these situations starts with infrastructure components that support critical operating systems, like a high-performance cabling system from Marmon IEI.

To ensure fire safety in all potential circumstances, your infrastructure components need to be designed specifically to endure the typical harsh conditions associated with potential fire hazards. By utilizing high-integrity cabling that offers extreme performance characteristics under duress, then alarms, public address communications, evacuation systems, and other important safety measures continue functioning in an emergency. This permits employees, customers, and emergency crews to evacuate the area on time or well before the disaster affects them.

Marmon IEI understands the complexities surrounding fire safety cabling systems. We know that safety measures implemented in every facet of your infrastructure system are critical to keeping individuals efficiently moving about their lives.  That is why we designed fire safety cables to meet strict specifications and qualifications to prove resistant in fires, high-smoke areas, rodent damage, and other forms of toxicity. They’ve also proven successful in major transportation systems throughout the country in both underground and above ground environments. 

Overall, Marmon IEI cables offer your communication systems and emergency/disaster protocols a reliable source for safe and effective transmission. From public address communications to CC security monitoring, Our complete fire safety and circuit integrity product line can provide solutions that are reliable for everyday operation, but offer peace of mind if anything catastrophic should happen.  

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