cables engineered for high performance

Communication cables are important to our world because they enable businesses to communicate and access information efficiently. Without these cables, it would be difficult for businesses to connect devices, share data, and communicate with customers and clients. Additionally, commercial communication cables support data transmission for audio, video, and  security monitoring. At Marmon IEI, we offer an extensive portfolio of low voltage communications cables for commercial infrastructure markets, including business, education, and hospitality. Our cables can support a variety of functions such as Ethernet, high-speed voice and data, intercom and public address systems, and fire alarm circuits. 

Industrial productivity relies on seamless communications and dependable connections. The Marmon IEI family of high performance industrial communications cables are constructed for long service life in demanding environments. From the factory floor PLC controllers to data communications in the control room, Marmon IEI’s comprehensive suite of industrial communication cables provide the best solutions that function in a variety of applications and conditions.

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