Exane®️ (Transit/Rollingstock)

Exane®️ offers an extensive line of products for use in a variety of important applications in transit car and locomotive systems. The wide variety of products included in the Exane®️ family ensures that there is a solution available for operational needs ranging from power, control, instrumentation and data transmission applications for transit vehicles and locomotives. Exane®️ cables are carefully designed to be durable and to perform at the highest levels in transit vehicles for an extended period of time. Every Exane®️ cable is constructed and tested to all relevant industry performance standards such as AAR-RP-585 and NFPA 130. Exane cables are built to resist an array of potential hazards encountered in Rail/Transit applications and engineered for extended service life. To learn more about the Exane®️ product line, visit our transit industry product catalog.