ESP Pump Cables (High Temperature)

Welcome to our High Temperature (HT) cables – engineered for extreme environments, operating at a maximum temperature of 450°F (232°C).

High Temperature Flat (HTF3) cables have a 5kV rating, ensuring optimal performance in hot, gassy wells requiring decompression resistance. These cables are equipped with lead sheaths, acting as an impenetrable barrier against the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide and harsh well fluids/gases. For unique challenges, we offer special designs featuring customizable wall thickness, additional tapes, and armor options.

Here’s why our HTF cables stand out:

  • Specially compounded oil-resistant EPDM insulation with proven electrical properties.
  • A lead sheath to guard against chemical and gas migration, preventing decompression in high-temperature, gas-rich wells.
  • Standard armor for corrosion protection, with special armors available for highly corrosive wells, enhancing cable lifespan and defending against mechanical damage.

Our HTF cables can be tailored with special armors to address diverse well requirements, providing unparalleled flexibility. Cap off your well solution with our capillary cables, seamlessly controlling safety valves or facilitating chemical injections.

Experience the epitome of high-temperature cable innovation—choose HT cables for reliability and durability.