Marmon IEI to Present at EUEC 2024 Conference

Marmon IEI is pleased to present on two of EUEC 2024’s dynamic tracks. Join Otto Hirsch and Joseph Iamartino as they discuss exciting advances from Marmon IEI!

Presenter: Otto Hirsch – Product Manager, Marmon IEI
Topic: Heated Sample Lines – Critical Pathway Link to Compliance
Track: B1 (CEMS, Emission Testing, Monitoring, Modeling, Remote Sensing)
When: Feb 14 (7:30 – 9:30 am)

It is often perceived that sample lines can be field created and that all factory-manufactured sample lines/components are all the same, when in fact, it is far from accurate – from the tubing, thermal barrier, heating source, outer weather-proof jacket, control options and method of manufacturing. Some lines may be permanent installations and some may be temporary for calibration or RATA testing. We will discuss manufacturing processes, tubing/heater/insulation/jacket, and control options. The sample is only as good as the line can deliver!

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Presenter: Joseph Iamartino – CTO, Marmon Electric
Topic: EV Charging: Forced Air-Cooled Charing for DC Fast Chargers
Track: J2 (EV Charging, Battery, Fleet, Truck & Bus, Transportation Electrification)
When: Feb 14 (10 am – 12 pm)

Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) technology for Electric Vehicles continues to ramp up as battery voltages more than double in the coming years. Charging station operators must provide a safe and always reliable, user-friendly charging experience with maximum uptime. With forced-air cooled charging, we can achieve this using lighter and more flexible cables. In this presentation, we will introduce a new-to-the-market, patent-pending system optimized for fleets and large charger deployments, that utilizes chilled forced-air cooling. Charger manufacturers may find this new approach a viable alternative to current uncooled or liquid-cooled charging handle solutions.

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