Industrial Markets

Marmon IEI

was designed for harsh environments

Industrial businesses operate in some of the harshest environments and provide the world with products that we all depend on. Their operations depend on products that can withstand extreme temperatures and elements, pressure, corrosive materials, rough handling, and vibration. These products must be able to maintain their integrity and operate with precision in order to ensure smooth operations. At Marmon IEI, our wide variety of harsh environment products are engineered to meet the unique challenges these industries require. We understand how critical operational efficacy is in these demanding environments and we design products and solutions that are tested and proven to deliver dependable performance.  While each industry requires cables that meet their own specific requirements, Marmon IEI strives to provide the best products to meet these needs. 

With the adoption of Industry 4.0 and the integration of technology, cables must be able to support increasing data utilization, control processes, security and energy needs. Marmon IEI can provide cables that provide better performance and can still be installed in environments not suited for traditional enterprise rated cables. Additionally, with multiple manufacturing locations, we can provide products quickly, reducing downtime and keeping industrial facilities up and running.