Downstream | Oil & Gas Cables

for consumer and end user distribution



for refining, processing, and purification applications

Cables used in the downstream processing of oil and gas include activities such as refining, petrochemical production, and distribution. These cables are typically used in environments that are harsh and demanding, and as such, they must meet certain requirements in order to function effectively and safely. Marmon IEI has proven capabilities for designing and developing cables that deliver exceptional performance in demanding environments.

Our cables provide resistance to a wide range of chemicals including acids, bases, and solvents, as well as hydrocarbons and other substances commonly found in the oil and gas industry. They can withstand mechanical damage, including crushing, bending, and abrasion, to maintain their integrity and function over time. Downstream oil and gas cables are often exposed to high temperatures. Marmon IEI cables are built to withstand heat without degrading or failing, as well as being able to maintain their structural integrity and not contribute to the spread of a fire. Our electrical cables can be designed to meet specific electrical requirements such as voltage rating, current carrying capacity, and insulation resistance. Marmon IEI cables meet relevant safety standards and regulations, such as those related to electrical shock and electrical fires.

It is important to note that the specific requirements for downstream oil and gas cables will depend on the specific application and environment in which they are used. Marmon IEI offers custom design capabilities to help design and manufacture cables that meet your specific oil and gas cable needs.