Fire Safety Commercial Cables by Marmon IEI

Fire Safety Commercial

cables to help critical functions survive in fires



for critical circuit integrity applications

Marmon IEI’s fire safety cables, also known as fire-resistant cables or fire-rated cables, are engineered to continue functioning during a fire and for a specified period of time after the fire starts. These cables are used in commercial buildings and other structures to help ensure the safety of the occupants and to prevent the spread of the fire.

Our VITALink® dual rated CI/CIC and Ethernet Circuit Integrity products offer the industry’s most complete line of circuit integrity cables. Approved to UL 2196, they have passed rigorous UL fire resistive testing  – maintaining a constant signal connection for two hours at 1850°F. VITALink Ethernet cables support critical life safety applications in hospitals, high-rise buildings, airports, stadiums, above-ground and below-ground transit and more. They are vital in locations where evacuation times are beyond the capabilities of standard fire alarm cables or when partial evacuation is required. As a 2-hour rated fire cable, VITALink® cables are designed to last even in a burning infrastructure and remain operational to ensure building occupants can evacuate safely.

Fire safety cables are typically used in buildings and other structures where the potential for a fire to occur is high, such as in power plants, chemical plants, and other industrial facilities. However, they are important to use in buildings with large numbers of people, such as hospitals, schools, and high-rise buildings, to help ensure the safety of the occupants in case of a fire.

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