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Electric Vehicle (EV)

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Custom Cables for the EV Industry

Specialty Cables

for electric vehicle charging stations

The growth of the electric vehicle industry has increased exponentially in the last ten years. With this growth comes the need for more EV charging stations that can provide safe operation for the general public as well as fast charging speeds to get motorists back on the road. EV charging stations that can provide both of these requirements host their own set of challenges including overheating of powered electronic components during the charging process. Excessive heat can affect the performance and reliability of these components, leading to reduced efficiency or even failure, especially for EV charging stations utilizing greater than 900VDC in their charging systems. 

Marmon IEI has been working alongside EV component manufacturers to help mitigate these issues with products designed specifically for the EV industry. Currently, we provide 2 different types of cables for the EV industry that provide functionality and performance based on the overall charging station’s requirements. These include uncooled or passive cables for systems up to 350A and air-cooled cables for 350A to 425A systems. No matter the application requirement, Marmon IEI delivers flexibility and performance to the EV market.