Commercial Infrastructure Market Cables by Marmon IEI

Commercial Infrastructure

cables that support infrastructure builds and improvements



for communications, fire safety, monitoring, and control

Commercial infrastructure cables rely on performance and bandwidth to provide 24/7 connectivity for their employees, customers, and business partners. At Marmon IEI, we offer an extensive portfolio of low voltage communications cables for Commercial Premise, Circuit Integrity, and Sound, Security & Fire Alarm applications.

Commercial Premise

In the digital age, companies depend on 24/7connectivity for their employees, customers, and business partners. Marmon IEI manufactures a complete line of commercial premise data cable (riser and plenum). Applications include Ethernet, Multimedia and ISDN, High-Speed Voice/Data, Broadband Video, and Desktop Publishing. Whether your spec requires shielded or unshielded, indoor or outdoor application, Cat 5e or 6, Marmon IEI can fulfill your order quickly. Every Marmon IEI product is made in the USA and backed by world-class customer service.

Circuit Integrity

When critical infrastructures need dependable, 2-hour fire rated circuit integrity cables, VITALink® products are trusted to support critical network components, helping to ensure building occupants can evacuate a fire safely. The VITALink® brand is the only product line to offer solutions for critical communications, IP, RF, control, and power circuits. All VITALink® cables are listed to UL 2196, passing rigorous testing that requires maintaining a constant signal connection for two hours at temperatures up to 1850°F. They are designed to support life safety applications in hospitals, high-rise buildings, airports, stadiums, transit systems, or other locations where evacuation times are beyond the capabilities of standard fire alarm cables or when partial evacuation is required.

Sound, Security & Fire Alarm
No one ever wants to hear the word “Fire!” in a residential or commercial setting, yet fires can and do occur. The best defense against human and property loss is a reliable and durable alarm network. This allows occupants to evacuate safely and first responders to control the fire quickly. Also in stock are sound and security cables made with highest quality. Marmon IEI is an established leader in the manufacture of standard and specialty sound, security, & fire alarm cable.