Chemical industry cables by Marmon IEI



cables designed for adverse environments



for transforming raw goods to finished products

The chemical industry encompasses a wide range of companies that produce a diverse array of products. They are responsible for converting raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals into more than 50,000 different products. Chemical manufacturing companies produce a wide range of chemical products, including plastics, rubber, paints, adhesives, and personal care products. Petrochemical companies produce a wide range of chemical products from petroleum and natural gas, including plastics, synthetic fibers, and detergents.

Processing and manufacturing these types of products requires specific cables dependent on the specific processes and equipment that are used at the plant. Power, control and instrumentation cables must be flexible and resistant to harsh and often caustic materials. At Marmon IEI, we understand that cables working in these environments must be well suited for adverse conditions and maintain performance for a consistent workflow.

It is important to select the appropriate type of cable for each application to ensure reliable operation and to minimize the risk of electrical hazards. It is also important to follow proper installation and maintenance procedures to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the cables. Let Marmon IEI help you determine the cables and solutions right for your specific application.